Teeth Whitening Facts

In this post, we will provide you essential facts about teeth whitening. After reading, you will understand if having your teeth whitened will be suitable for you.

Do you want to stop those dull smiles you have and transform it into brilliant white teeth? In your journey to a vibrant and pearly white smile, teeth whitening is considered one of the best option for you. In fact, it’s the biggest growing treatment in the United Kingdom according to the data from the Oral Health Foundation.

However, you must also consider the risk as well. It also includes accessible options as well as efficacy.

Is teeth whitening safe for me?

You will find many choices accessible today when we talk about whitening your teeth. It ranges from holistic treatments, in-chair treatments, bleaching kits, and even toothpaste. But it’s vital to take note that before you try it, you must think first if the treatment is safe. Doing this will guarantee if it’s right for you or not.

You will find a lot of products that you could purchase today online and OTC. These products could pose some dangers to your health, especially if you are aware of the degree of bleach they add is safe for you. Furthermore, some whitening treatments done in uncertified salons can be dangerous too. We recommend that you only opt to dentists that are certified to perform teeth whitening treatments.

It is also advisable that you book an appointment ahead of time if you are planning your teeth whitened. Doing this will guarantee your mouth will be safe and healthy before you talk about your choices.

How can I know if teeth whitening is ideal for my situation?

Whitening could work well for most individuals, and the outcomes will be a massive enhancement. Nonetheless, you will find some circumstances where patients are not ideal for treatment. Some individuals who undergone dental restorations like tooth-colored fillings and crowns, among others will discover that having their teeth whitened won’t have any effect on their teeth.

You must also not forget that white teeth whitening is safe if done appropriately. Having this process might result in momentary sensitivity to touch, pressure temperature, and even short-term gum irritation. You must go to your doctor ahead of time to evaluate the status of your gums and teeth.

You are free to visit your dentist

There’s no need for you to spend your hard earned money on a private dental care or buying products you can use at home just to get the perfect results. For instance, The Zoom Whitening Treatment performed at the practice is considered an efficient and fast method to whiten your teeth in a limited period.

This type of whitening treatment could denote you notice clear outcomes after an hour. On the other hand, Home Whitening could take a bit longer than this method. The only good thing about this is that the comfort of whitening your teeth at the comfort of your own home is a vital aspect for most patients. The outcome will, be similar later on. Patients could just choose the treatment, which fits them as well as their requirements.

The teeth whitening results could last at least 3 years

The best thing about the whitening effects of this treatment is that it could last for approximately 3 years. Nonetheless, that will depend on one individual to another. Take note, its effect tends to fade quickly when a person is smoking, drinking, or eating things, which could stain the teeth.

It is recommended for patients to floss and brush daily within the day. Doing this will keep a great oral hygiene as well as a whiter shade. It’s also important that you ask your dentist for some opinion before taking the treatment.

What are the common causes of stain in teeth?

Below are some of the major culprits of staining your teeth:

  1. Cigarettes. Did you know that tobacco is extremely staining? What’s more, the numbers of cigars you have regularly cause your teeth to be exposed continually to the process of staining.
  • Red Wine. On the other hand, staining of teeth from red wine is caused by the dark purple shades seen in the grapes, which are utilized for the production.
  • Coffee & Tea. Drinking numerous cups of coffee or black tea each day could cause the chemical substances included in these drinks to transform your teeth yellowish. The worst case is that it might also turn into a darker shade.

When we talk about the factors of stains, cigars are the major culprits. On the other hand, dark carbonated drinks also pose some anger to the shade of your teeth. The food coloring included in those things could have a big staining impact.

We recommend that you consume coffee, tea, and other dark drinks with a straw. Doing this might help to lower the phase your teeth are in contact along with those drinks. That means they must be less likely to cause a stain to your teeth, even though that’s not a foolproof answer. If at all possible, you must strive to lower your consumption generally.

The Importance of Floss

After you have a whitening treatment, it’s vital that you stay away from any dark colored drinks and foods for approximately forty-eight hours upon the treatment. These drinks and foods include pasta sauce, red wine, tea, and coffee!

You see, the enamel stays porous for this time, which makes it simple for those drinks and foods to penetrate on the outer surface of the enamel. That will cause your teeth to stain. One more thing, it’s vital to exercise good oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing, before going to bed and after eating meals.

Does it impact your enamel?

The answer is no. Products for dental whitening only get rid of the surface stains, which are in the microscopic pores of the teeth. The bleach doesn’t infiltrate intensely in your tooth.

Red flags to watch out

Take note that home kits might pose some health problems. Unregulated kits and online kits might not be safety-approved, so stay away from them.