After Care Diet

After you have your teeth whitened, you must do all the best you can to upkeep it. After all, laser teeth whitener is an investment. In this post, we will highlight you some tips on how to prevent staining and discoloration of your teeth. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Below is the aftercare diet you must follow during the initial forty-eight hours of laser teeth whitening treatment:

Foods to Eat and Not to Eat

Here’s what you need to do after treatment. Make sure you always follow the white diet, preventing the possibility of staining and discoloration of the teeth. The laser whitening process can open up the pores of the teeth. Therefore, it’s important to follow the diet throughout the 48 hours. Doing this will provide your teeth with the necessary time to adapt to the procedure. To lower the chance of coloring, you must only consume white or clear foods or drinks, and nothing more.

Stay away from citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges because they have a high level of acid. You must also stay away from bread and pasta, dairy products, very hot or cold drinks, and foods, and so on. Below is the list we created for you to understand the foods and avoid completely.

 Foods to avoid are:

  • Alcohol such as beer, red wine, coffee or Baileys and tea
  • Soft drinks such as Ribena, tango, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, orange juice
  • Dairy products such as margarine, cream, full-fat milk, butter
  • Confectionaries like sweets and chocolates
  • Cereals like wheat or colored based cereals
  • Carbohydrates like colored pasta, brown rice, pizza bases
  • Fruits and veggies like peas, sprouts broccoli, sweetcorn, green beans, beetroot, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums, oranges, lemons
  • Fist and meat like colored fish salmon and tuna and red meat

Drink and foods you can consume:

  • Alcohol like white rum, gin, vodka, white wine
  • Soft drinks like tonic water, lemonade, stilled or sparkling water
  • Dairy, skimmed milk only
  • Confectionary like white gum
  • Cereals like rice crispies
  • Carbs like white pitta bread and white rice
  • Veggies and fruits like cauliflower, white beans, bananas, potatoes except for chips
  • Fist and fit like white fish, Quorn, turkey, chicken

Maintaining your smile

We suggest that you become alert of what you are drinking and eating after the 48-hour time. Outcomes could last for at least several months, but it’s always the way you care about your teeth that will matter the most. Some steps you could make include:

  • Staying away from smoking and alcohol
  • Visiting the dentist regularly
  • Consuming more dairy products for calcium
  • Utilizing a whitening toothpaste

How to Care Your Teeth about 48 Hours

We recommend not brushing your teeth for several hours after your treatment. In case your procedure occurred late within the day, stop the urge of brushing your teeth until the following day. Make sure you have a white toothpaste too. We don’t suggest using mouthwash or smoking within 48 hours.

The Hygiene Routine

You might also suffer a bit of sensitivity after the treatment, even though the case is different from one patient to another. Nonetheless, we suggest that you stay away from brushing.